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Paris (France)

In 1922, the alluring beauty of a French woman inspired a young Hungarian pharmacist to move to Paris where he poured his love and creativity into formulating an illuminating skin elixir from rare plant oils and extracts. He named this youth serum, Huile Absolue. Shared only with her inner circle of friends – the Parisian elite, Huile Absolue became their secret to Bèaute Remarquable.

Decades later, this coveted recipe was recreated by Patyka’s top experts in organic skincare and innovative biotechnologies for exceptional age defying results.

The therapeutic qualities and the romantic gesture of love that is Huile Absolue is embodied within every Patyka product, creating an unmatched sensorial experience that is as luxurious and elegant as it is effective.

As the first Parisian brand to offer iconic luxury skincare that is also certified organic, we continue to bring the genuine experience of Bèaute Remarquable through innovative biotechnologies that heighten the active characteristics of truly organic ingredients resulting in the most luxurious, high-performance formulas that bring visible results.

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